Think Inside the Box

Hard to believe but when it opens-up in under 90 seconds and transforms into a restaurant, a pop-up store or an art gallery, you’ll believe it. It’s called MUVBOX because it can be moved. Since you can just drop it anywhere, there is no need for building permits. And the whole container can be easily transported by road, rail or sea.

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Environmentally friendly

MUVBOX was designed to be environmentally friendly. Recyclable and sustainable materials, solar power, local products and eco-friendly efficiencies, all are key ingredients of the MUVBOX brand.

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Muvbox Resto

MUVBOX Lobster Roll et MUVBOX Porchetta in Old Montreal, open daily from May to September. Visit the Resto page to know our exact location, menu and opening hours.

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Latest projects

  • Porchetta

    Porchetta is our second Muvbox in operation for the summer in the Old Port in Montréal.Learn more
  • Snackbox New York

    Created for the owners of Republic and BONDST in NYC, the Snack Box offers iconic new york street food, with a gourmet flair. Learn more

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